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Our Story

Thank you much, for taking the time to read this before shopping from us.

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people 'exist' that is all."

Some wise words, said by Oscar Wilde, that formed the baseline for the startup of Glamour Heights. We have committed ourselves to encourage our contemporary fellowship, to eliminate their moribund lifestyle of mere existence, and to follow their unique passions with enthusiasm, utilizing only the rare, minuscule best of the abundantly confusing & overwhelming sea of available information, products & services out there. This commitment derives the two most significant Pillars of our operation - Our Objective, and Our Mission Statement.

Our Objective:Deliver you that minuscule best of the information, products & services, to ignite in you a lust for a passionate living, for an enhanced Lifestyle. Our informative Blog is a mine of exceptional, invaluable lifestyle design knowledge, and our online Shop is a source of thoroughly researched & tested, high quality products, to support your passionate living.

Our Mission Statement: "Zero B.S."

We promise to deliver you only verified knowledge, through our interesting Blog posts, and to bring you out only thoroughly researched & tested products through our Shop, with all the B.S. filtered out, so that you can count on us for an enhanced design of your new lifestyle.

Our team spends hundreds of hours every week, to thoroughly research new information, designs, trends, & manufacturers, to filter out all that overwhelmingly confusing & intra-contradicting B.S. out there, to bring you out only the best, at the best price, so as to save us all time & money. All of the products in our shop are tried & tested, and are sourced from quality, hand-picked manufacturers.

We have always stuck to our mission statement of 'Zero BS', since Day One, and we've never looked back. Although newly found, our blog articles, products and our exceptional customer service is already admired by many, in the five countries that we serve, including Canada, U.S., Norway, Denmark, & Australia. We look forward to provide you with our free informative articles, and our affordable, high quality products, along with an exceptionally hospitable customer service.

So, whats your story? Share your thoughts with us below.